Monday, November 24, 2014

The Disorder

Did you know that multiple personality disorder (MPD) is now called dissociative identity disorder (DID)?  I watched a video about this at the NYT today.  I read the book Sybil in high school and found it fascinating.   Come to find out, there's been some debunking of the MPD diagnosis. That's one reason it's been renamed.  Instead of more than one personality, people with DID have less than one personality. Their personalities are fragmented and they have trouble integrating these fragments into one cohesive whole.

I don't think I have DID and I highly doubt that you have it.  Long story short: It's extremely rare and some doctors don't even believe it exists, so if you're worrying about having DID, just let it go.  You're probably fine.


LH said...

I'm doing some work today in Husbandman's office. Thanks, Husbandman, for bringing lunch to me!

LH said...

FYI: Now I'm working a little bit at home. Husbandman and #1 have gone to the airport to pick up the first round of RELLIES. Getting excited.

Anonymous said...

Let the fun begin! Great job getting some work done before the festivities. I'm starting to freak out about some things I've left unfinished. Although I did some fairly spectacular Christmas shopping these past few days.

KC said...

I'm so glad I don't have DID. That would really suck.