Monday, November 10, 2014

The Stones

We went off in search of Hoagy Carmichael's grave yesterday.  Find it we did.  We walked by Alfred Kinsey's as well.  Then we got doughnuts at the famous Bloomington institution, Cresent Doughnuts, known and loved by one and all, and headed over to visit the tombstone of Lefty Galloway.  He could have been a professional baseball player, but sadly, he got in a truck accident at a young age.

The Rose Hill Cemetery is a pleasant field trip for a grey day, especially when paired with a visit to the famous Bloomington institution, Cresent Doughnut Shop. Cresent Doughnut Shop is open 24 hours a day, so it might be fun to walk through Rose Hill in the middle of the night, with candles.  Several citizens brought carved jack o lanterns to the cemetery last week and those jack o lanterns sit there to this day, making a cheerful contrast to the gravestones old and new.  Neat idea, fellow citizens.  Might give this a try next year.


cb said...

Lovely blog post. Thank you. I would like to visit this cemetery and doughnut shop the next time I'm in Bloomington.

mm said...

A 24 hour donut shop? This seems dangerous to quite dangerous.

KC said...

I also want the doughnuts. And the jack-o-lanterns. Sounds like a a nice little Sunday.

Anonymous said...

That's where I'm going to be buried after I die. The peonies are beautiful in the early summer.