Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Game

Morning Meeting was a big hubbub of Thirdlanders upset because some kiddos from other classes keep messing with their recess games.  I suggested talking it out with the miscreants, to which a Thirdlander replied, "We do, but they keep doing it and they call us liars!"

My next suggestion which admittedly was not well considered was, "Okay, so maybe can other people in our class watch out for this problem and try to help?"

So come to find out when I picked them up from recess, everyone was astir. Turns out the Thirdlanders had linked arms and encircled a few of their pals to protect their game.  This caused the rascals to ratchet up their mischief. A near riot ensued.  "Now our game is banned!" yelled one Thirdlander.  I said, "Well, that's a drag.  I probably should have just talked to those little peeps myself.  But it does sound kind of cool that you all linked arms and tried to help."

"It was awesome," chirped a chorus of smiling Thirdlanders.    I'll try to sort this all out next week. Obviously my class is totally in the right.


mm said...

Yay Thirdlanders! Linking arms and staying together, Thirdlanders unite.

unabashed liberal said...

It is too bad that the rest of the world cannot be like the Thirdlanders.

KC said...

I love that you got their game banned. Classic. Made me smile so much. Several of Shef's recess games have gotten banned over the years, and for some reason, I love the recess battles.