Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Cameras

Husbandman doesn't like any of my ideas for Hand Turkeys 2014.  I may have to go rogue this year. I'm thinking of making a flock of turkeys.  My own personal flock of wild turkeys.
Our schooling system is going to a new evaluation plan next year. We have a list of 41 elements that should be visible in our lessons.  That's going to be tough, not going to lie.  It's going to be tough for principals too. Checking, checking, checking. I'm coming up with a new plan that I personally think has potential.  Get this.   Classrooms will be outfitted with hidden cameras so administrators can observe teachers all day long, at random times.  The hidden camera will be outfitted with a computer program that automatically tallies our teaching methods as well as the attentiveness of our students.  At the end of each day we will get a printout of goals for the following day.  This is going to save everyone a lot of time and stress. I hope I can get my name on this invention.  It could be a moneymaker.


KC said...

Wow. 41 elements?! The only way to truly evaluate will be your system of videotaping. I'm fine with that, except during my prep when I might be picking my nose.

mm said...

I'm already excited about your Hand Turkeys for 2014!

Anonymous said...

Now there's an idea I can get behind.

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