Friday, November 14, 2014

The Cheeks

Multiplication.  Not sure we give this convenient and radical operation its due recognition.  Multiplication makes our lives easier every single day.  Instead of the repeated addition tedium, we just memorize those multiplication facts and zip zip, we've got our answers.  This week we talked about items that come in pairs.  Chopsticks, shoes, twins, nostrils.  One kiddo offered, "butt cheeks."  I almost added it to the list because, darn it, butt cheeks do come in pairs.  There's no denying.  Instead I just said, "Inappropriate," and called on another Thirdlander.  I felt somewhat conflicted about this, as you can imagine.

I'm officially calling this Multiplication Appreciation Day.  You've been around awhile, Multiplication, and sometimes I feel you're just getting lost in the hubbub.  I barely ever talk about multiplication when I'm out with friends, or even at home with Husbandman, which is especially odd since he's a mathematician. You'd think we'd be chatting about arithmetic operations over dinner at least a few times a week. Not so, my friends.  Multiplication Appreciation Day.  Join in.


KC said...

I love the cheeks! Hilarious!

mm said...

It could have been worse. Thirdlander could have mentioned boobs which also come in two.