Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Gobbling

Turns out we're having a Gobble Off this week.  Our student council reps announced this to the class after lunch.  After sharing the basic story line, Rep One added, "If you don't feel brave about gobbling on the intercom, you shouldn't enter the contest. Because the winners will gobble over the intercom."

As is typical with the Thirdlanders, a barrage of questions ensued.  Tons and tons of questions.  Questions you could never even imagine if you tried.  Question after question without end.  It was great to sit back and watch these two Thirdlanders handle the questions like old pros.  Finally though, I could sympathize with their exasperation at the intense scrutiny the gobble off was receiving.  Rep Two finally shut it down by saying, "Look guys.  In short, we need one person to gobble on Friday.  Dr. H. will decide who that will be."

Later I found a small note on my desk.  It read, "Dr. H., If you pick me for the gobble off, I will bring you more roasted pumpkin seeds, like I did at Halloween."

You can see my conundrum.  I love the roasted pumpkin seeds.  And yet, there's the issue of fairness.

I'll keep you posted.


mm said...

I'm certain to quite certain that you will be fair. Besides, the Thirdlanders could join arms and revolt if you weren't fair.

Anonymous said...

My fav questions start with, "what if…?" I can't wait for the week to unfold.

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