Friday, July 19, 2013

Learning 23: The Fry

Seattle Kin grew this tomato right in their yard!!!!!
We're in Seattle.  Everyone loves Seattle, but I love it just a wee bit more.  Sorry, everyone, that's just the way it is, so deal with it.  Seattle's a fine place for everything.  Today, I focused on some learning as we flitted from one fun spot to another.

First off, baby Salmon are called FRY.  You can actually go to the Chittenden Locks here and see the salmon running. I didn't do that, but I walked along Piper Creek in beautiful Carkeek Park.  Come October, the salmon will be running through.  There is an art installation in Carkeek Park along Piper Trail called ART HIKE.  We saw 9 of the 14 sculptures.  We saw them and read about them using the iPhone to scan the QR codes.  Obviously, a very neat thing to do.

We walked to the beach and had a picnic.  Saw an osprey circling over the water.  Then it rocketed down to the ocean and pulled up a flounder.  Flew away overhead with the flounder in its talons.  I made the bird & fish identification later, using the iPhone for additional purposes of learning.

After a latte, we walked through the Japanese Garden. We ended the afternoon at Frank's Oyster and Champagne Parlor.  I had a Pimm's 55. Pimm's is a gin based drink containing a secret mixture of herbs and liqueurs.  Mr. Pimm created it in 1823.  My Pimms 55 was super refreshing.

Soon we will pick up 20 something at the airport.  The learning will continue anew tomorrow, when we hike at Wallace Falls, along a trail with NINE water falls.  Basically, I'm living the dream.


Anonymous said...

Loloved the last link. I must get to Seattle-sounds fab.

Bro in law said...

That Pimms cocktail sounds refreshing. Was it piquant?

LH said...

It indeed was piquant. I would like to recreate the Pimms 55 asap.

N, I loved that link too. Very much.

mm said...

Like Seattle,Like gin, Love tomatoes... just saying

KC said...

Absolutely delightful! That's how I'd describe your trip so far.