Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Learning 12: The Desserts

Quite possibly, I could conceivably make some desserts while down visiting the Georgia Peaches aka my fam.  I could make a cake that looks like an American flag with jello and koolwhip.  Or I could make a pretzel jello cake with kool whip.  I learned how to make these cakes today and it's just a matter of doing it.  Maybe my mom will help me.  She knows how to make a lot of different types of foods.

Quickly moving bug
I wish #1 Son were going on this trip with me.  I fear that he's going to be lonesome without me around.  Husbandman's still in Vienna.  Today he sailed along the Blue Danube!!!! on some type of boat. I also learned from his trip that wienerschnitzel is veal, but it can also be pork. 


Anonymous said...

How about bringing back a key lime pie baked by your mom? I would love that!!

Anonymous said...

I have a delicious simple recipe for a peach blackberry crisp that you could easily make! Check it out on my pinterest or on Iowa Girl Eats if you really are so inspired for making a dessert. It is quite yummy, and since you are in the land of peaches... :)
Tell your mom and dad we said Howdy!

Sarah G said...

Mmm, dessert. My favorite kind of learning.

ginaunn said...
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KC said...

I want a cake with koolwhip please. thx.