Thursday, July 25, 2013

Learning 28: Cutting of the Slack

 Called my mom today. Even though she's in a lot of pain and frustrated by her fractured clavicle, she listened to my list of woes with typical Momful sympathy, wisdom and selflessness.  "I just don't know how I can get stuff done," I kvetched.  "And I'm going out with friends today and I shouldn't be.  I have no business having fun when I have this much to do. I'm freaking out."
"It's important to cut yourself some slack," said Mom.  So that's what I learned today, to cut myself some slack, even when I'm being a slacker.  As usual, Mom's words ring with truth.  I'm feeling pretty happy with how my day went.  Follow my Mom's maxim people.  You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

KR is joining your mom in the pain department-he had another bike wreck and broke a bone in his hand and has a HUGE bump on his shoulder, plus some scrapes. He DID have his helmet on so no concussion thank goodness! You will get to see the bruised guy tomorrow though, as parties must go on!!!!!

KC said...

Moms always with the good advice!

LH said...

Yikes, N.... this is horrid news. Does he have a cast???? Poor KR!

KC, I'm in full agreement with you.