Monday, November 28, 2011

The Work

Artful People came to our school today to help us with our upcoming units.  Some people get a little annoyed with the Artfuls because they really push us to think about our units in new ways.  I know I'm not a teacher writing a unit, but I love these conversations.  I love the point where the tension builds to a pretty intense point and then dissolves when we all find ourselves coming around to a new idea through consensus.  It's tough stuff, and great work.


mm said...

As teachers we need to be pushed to try new and challenging things. How can we challenge our students without challenging ourselves?

Anonymous said...

So the twitter share went well at your meeting yesterday? jw

kc said...

This sounds cool. I also like these challenging conversations. Who are the artfuls?

jdoc said...

I love planning units at this stage. So many possibilities. I'd like to chat with the artfuls.

LH said...

MM, you are right about this. But today got a little too tense at times. May have to reconstruct my thinking on this. I want some tension, but not a ton of it.

JW, it did. I made a simple little handout and used no technology at all to talk about twitter. Which was kind of dumb in some ways.

kace, the artfuls are people who come in, artists and art educators. they come and advise us on our artful learning units. It's a pretty intense process, but an amazing way to develop professionally, imho.

jdoc, you would love it. I am so happy I've gotten to be involved with some unit planning with many of the teams. They really are going to be unique.