Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Centers

Teachers worked on Artful Learning units today.  I worked with 3 different grade levels.  I'm excited about their inquiry centers. With the 3rd grade team, I am helping plan an inquiry center on "food systems."  I want to compare fast food and slow food systems.   With the second grade team, I'm going to try to put together an inquiry center about Bloomington's first settlers.  I spent hours thinking about these centers today and really haven't started putting anything together.  I'll figure it out.  I like doing this kind of work.  But it takes time and a lot of brain work.  So much easier to just teach someone something than to set them up for learning it on their own.  Wish me luck!


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Start with a good old Fist Of Five Assessment. Fist of Five, how much do you all know about slow food systems?

LH said...

Awesome idea. That will be an extremely valid pre assessment tool!

Fist of 5 how much I chuckled when I read your comment? 5. Yes, I lol'ed.

Come home soon please.

LH said...

Just fyi everyone. I just showed this foto to hunterman at work and he identified it as a canvasback. V. rare to see. "Of all the ducks I've killed in my life, I've only killed one canvasback," he told me.

I'm pretty thrilled to have gotten this foto and hunterman was thrilled to see it. I told Hunterman, "I'll shoot with my camera!" But he thinks hunting's in my future. It is so not, but I could not convince him of this.

Anonymous said...

No to the snow! Yeah to Quinno on the clip in the HT! KR was saying ,"Do we know anyone in there?" YES!!!! Two of the chelps gang! Kudos to Q!

Anonymous said...

Where did you see that duck?


LH said...

Lake Monroe. Just swimming along by itself.

kc said...

I've been fist of fiving constantly with with the eighth graders I think they kind of like it. they think it's funny.

The way I do it is wrong, though. I make them each individually put their fist in the air and shout their numbers one by one. It's pretty fun that way, but I guess it's not very efficient.

gr8 canvasback!

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