Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Braggadoccio

#1 Son and I (and Husbandman) were in the paper today.  #1 Son was selected as one of the Arts STARS! from our local high schools. I was listed as his mom (and husbandman was named as his father).  I feel v. proud.  Along with a list of great musical accomplishments, #1 made a nice comment about how important music is to him.  I've noticed that.  The kid's either playing music or listening to it pretty much all the time.  Tonight he played a gig at the Convention Center.  And right now he's in bed reading about a musician, Miles Davis. Congratulations, Arts Star! BASSically, we think you're FAB!!!!  Get it??? BASSically???  BASS????


Anonymous said...

Quinn ROCKS!

LH said...

Thanks, N. Love these sons of ours. They just keep getting older and more out there, every day.

kc said...

Way to go, #1!! This is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Quinn! (And his parents.)

And - I recognize that rabbit.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud to know all 3 of you.

dw said...

Well done #1!

Bass - I get it!

LH said...

Pronto, Was beginning to wonder if people were getting my HILARIOUS pun!!!

So glad you responded to it!

Husbandman had the nerve to tell me that it wasn't really much of a pun. Do I need criticism? Support, don't thwart!

Julie said...

Way to go quinn!