Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Snow

Let's see.  What happened today?  Well, for one thing, today we had a fabulous snow, but it didn't stick to the ground.  While I waited for Husbandman to pick me up at artful school, I stood out in the falling snow for a bit.  The night felt cool and lovely.  Super dark with shiny flakes floating about.  Then we zipped over to Cafe Django for some snowy jazz and nutty noodles.  #1 sounded great.  Snow.  Jazz.  A good day.  And we still have a few hours left.  I kind of don't want anything to happen though.  That was enough.


LH said...

Actually I forgot another cool thing that happened today. A kid I taught in 3rd grade walked by my office with a book in his hand and said, "You would not believe how much I'm getting into reading now." I mean, this is a miracle for this kid. His teacher is finding great graphic novels for him and he's so excited he can finally read. This is a huge lesson for me that I have to learn again and again. Don't give up hope. Don't make predictions. You never know what's going to happen with these little people. This is actually a really big happening for the day. I'm jazzed.

LH said...

It's kind of neat how I'm commenting on my own posts.

dw said...

We're ready for some snow around here as well. And great news about the reading kid - that's great teaching!

And I like the commenting on your own post. That could be the new "linking to your own blog"!

kc said...

It's really great that Q plays gigs. What a neat guy.

We are dying for snow here. Esp poor Shef.

Not giving up on the kids. That is key. It's sometimes tempting to do it. Thanks for this great reminder.

Anonymous said...

Providing options. V. important.

mm said...

Love the story about the kid loving reading.

Love the picture even more.