Monday, November 07, 2011

The Prayers

Friends,  Our Good Pal Dorothy Menosky has put in a request for prayers.  Her wonderful sister in law Georgine has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  Dorothy can probably tell us more in comments.  But for now, send some prayers, vibes, heart sensations, loving thoughts, out to the world for Georgine today.


Anonymous said...

Loving thoughts and prayers on the way!

Anonymous said...

omgosh. I'm starting the prayers this morning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the prayers rolling.
My sister-in-law, Georgine, has been suffering for quite some time, but only just received the bad news.
She will be seeing two specialists this week in an effort to determine exactly where the cancer is, and to what extent.
My family and I are all so appreciative of your prayers.

LH said...

Thinking of all of you, D.

kc said...

I'm on this. I do prayers and I will also speak to Georgine's spirit. I will speak to yours too, GPM! xo

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