Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Adult

20 something daughter turns 21 today.  She's a grown up person now. And for some reason this birthday of hers has brought me a deep sense of accomplishment throughout the day.  Happy Birthday, 20 something.  Now you are really 20 something, and not 20 nothing.  You are so loved. And so loving.  We  are feeling v. lucky around here, just knowing you and knowing you'll be home in less than 3 weeks.

But here's the bad part.  We've got a chipmunk running around in the house.  We see it every few days, darting here and there.  It ate a package of ramen in the laundry room/pantry area.  And it's freaking me out.  Turns out we have a live trap, but come on.  I'm supposed to pick up a cage with a live chipmunk in it, gnashing its teeth and growling at me and throwing its body against the cage walls?????


kc said...

Ew!!! Live things in the house really creep me out. But, happy b-day to Ros! Love that girl!

Anonymous said...

Live chipmunk in house is NOT a good thing. I volunteer KR to come over and get that live chipmunk in the live cage O.U.T. He has experience with live critters in live cages. But I too say EW!
HB Ros! get home soon!

Anonymous said...

You need to borrow Mandy. She's really good at capturing chipmunks.


jdoc said...

Happy birthday, Ros!! She is a day brightener indeed.

We have a mouse around here who likes to show himself now and then. We also have a live trap. It is empty. Still. I'm just trying to coexist.

Nonnie said...

Would you like to borrow my cat?

LH said...

Maybe the chipmunk left town. Haven't seen him in awhile. He comes out at weird times tho.

Happy Sunday. I don't feel like changing the clocks. Husbandman's out of town and he usually does the clock changing. I think I'll just wait til he comes home.

Anonymous said...

Can you say mini????

LH said...

We need mini desperately.

Please provide us one cute terrier asap.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Hey thanks, mom! How's the chipmunk issue coming along?

Anonymous said...

So listen, you have so many great people reading your blog, I wonder if I can ask them for prayers - for my sister-in-law, Georgine, who has just been diagnosed with cancer.
I would so appreciate it.

Julie said...

Prayers to your SIL, Dorothy, and to you. It's always hard to get that kind of news. Happy Birthday, Ros! You were the last baby out in our Lamaze group, but you're still first in my book!