Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Laser

I worked the laser and scanned the library books my students checked out this morning. They picked interesting titles and I got to learn a new skill. I distrusted the technology and kept checking the screen to confirm accuracy after lasering the bar codes. The combination of working the scanner and talking with kids about their books made the job pleasant. I am considering volunteering in the library during my prep times. Posted by Picasa


kc said...

hey! i used to do the laser, too! and i did sometimes volunteer to do it. i loved it, and i was the only teacher who knew how.

Anonymous said...

that is like THE cutest dog.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog.

It was great having you there.

And looking at the monitor is important when you check out the books because a lot of times it's not doing what you think it's doing. That's how books get put back on the shelves without being checked in or books being gone from the shelves without being checked out to someone. Easily done but such a hassle for me.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell that last comment is from me?

LH said...

hi kc, how was day 2. do you think you'll scan in the high school?
this dog is Carmen, and she belongs to my niece and nephew. And whenever we go anywhere with her, people stop us constantly to admire her and even take her picture. She poses like a movie star for the cameras. It's hilarious.

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