Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Edge

I shared an article about the countries that are sending aid our way with homeroom today. The kiddos were surprised at the different things that countries were sending. Rethinking Schools listserv has been sharing some good articles. We may be collecting books for kids in La. Stay tuned. Later the kids in first and second period were sent off to hang their haiku around the building. When I walked through the building later I had to take some of them down. I forgot to tell the kids that they shouldn't stand on each other's shoulders to tape the posters as close to the ceiling as possible. I should have mentioned that holding each other by the knees so that they could tape posters deep into the stairwell was a bad idea as well. Most were hung safely at eye level. It's hard to remember to tell people everything they need to live. I'll do better next time. Posted by Picasa


jdoc said...

Ah, yes. I've had those moments where I've neglected to foresee that a child might want to climb or crawl or run or fall instead of doing it my way. The best way.

Cari said...

Never a dull moment!

Just wondering, what were the haikus about? Any you could post for us teachers staying at home who are craving some student interaction?

Anonymous said...

The haikus are awesome. I begin every conversation now with, "did you see those wonderful haikus throughout the school?"
My favorite location is the tv/vcr stored in the hall. It's just taped right in the middle. I left it because it made me chuckle and I'm always looking for a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

The Edge. I love him. Great player. And that dog from the last post. So cute! (A has a June B in her class, and P is going to interview that author soon!)

Anonymous said...

The Edge. I love him. Great player. And that dog from the last post. So cute! (A has a Junie B in her class, and P is going to interview that author soon!)

LH said...

jdoc, exactly, or as i like to call it, "the common sense way."
and c, i had one of my fave haiku on the blog, but i took it off because i thought a haiku stealer might come along and claim it for his/her own. i'll send you one via email that cracked me up.
thanks for the pr on the haiku ms. w. I looked for the one on the tv screen today but couldn't find it. almost killed myself falling off a chair trying to retrieve the half hung haiku over the door jam. again, reviewing the life skill of common sense might be in order. (but for me or for them i'm not sure.)
jc, I can't believe paul will interview barbara park!!!!!!!!! she's written other books for older kiddos too. is she in sf???
I love junie b. i think i'll send a some horrible harry next. give her a smooch from us.

Anne said...

Negligence Haiku

Foreseeable risk?
Civil liability.
Laws overwhelm me.

:) Anne
(although it has a title and it's not about a season, I hope you will enjoy my attempt at a law haiku:)

Also I agreed on the Barack Obama statement.

LH said...

nicely done anne, retaining the
5-7-5 line scan.
one of my fave haiku compared the passing out of tests to the passing out of cake at birthday parties. there's something really edgy and sarcastic and clever about that. i love it.

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