Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Disability

Come to find out, I might not receive a paycheck with the rest of the workers tomorrow. Forms were to be filled out and somehow no one realizes that I work here again so they never gave them to me. I go to the big office to remedy the situation. Once there, I don't know how to fill out the tax forms, having a somewhat severe case of FormLD. I tell the woman I have to take the forms home and she cheerfully tells me, "I hope you'll have them back this afternoon. I really want you to get paid."
"Thanks, so much, I'd like that too!" I chirp back at her, hoping she gets the sarcasm.
My father-the-tax-man talks me down and walks me through exemptions and allowances. Husbandman offers to return the forms back to the big office for me. I think he has a sense that I might not get the job done right. He's nice about it, but he just has to mention that he's told me to check on the payment situation several times. I tend to be an optimist about these things, or maybe I'm just an inept slacker (when it comes to forms). It's hard to tell.
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jdoc said...

Why does it have to be so hard? Seriously. You have better things to do than fill out forms.

Anonymous said...

I can never remember how to fill those forms out. I usually have to suffer the consequences the first year and then make changes after I've paid big bucks on April 15. Question: What do you mean no one knows you're working here? My gawd that makes no sense. My sis says you can't get through the foyer at the admin building now. You're greeted by someone who insists on knowing who you want to speak to and then asked to sit down. WE need someone like that at our school's front door.
Come on!!

LH said...

i got a call today that said i wasn't getting a paycheck because they hadn't sent me the tax forms. the person in charge said, "I'm new so i didn't know."
whatever. it's filled out now and i will receive renumeration. but this took up my precious time and distracted me from my important work. the forms are funny because they say stuff like, "if you're a human being, write 1, but if you want more money later, write 0." kind of a hard choice.

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