Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Wasp

Remember how I wanted the good kind of staple remover??? THANKS, NANCER!
So freaking irked and I'll tell you why.  The wasps are back.  Remember in fall how we had wasps and I actually got stung by one of them?  Well, they are back in true form.  For the past 3 days I've had a wasp flying around my classroom, wrecking every single lesson I've planned.  We did kill one, but yesterday and today we had another wasp just going to town in our room. All day I nagged the Thirdlanders to stop paying attention to the wasp.  I was really irked at them and even threatened recess denial for their total lack of concern for my fascinating lessons.  Finally I knew things were getting out of hand and I said, "Am I being unfair?  Give me feedback here.  Is it too much to expect you to ignore the wasp?" Basically they told me I was in fact being unfair because the wasp was frightening and they were scared it was going to sting them.  I was somewhat moved but honestly still irked. So then there was dismissal time and I had car duty.  Then I returned to the room where the wasp was flying around just like he owned the place.  I ignored him, but come to find out, he landed on my neck.  I tried to swish him away and he flew into my shirt and stung the holy heck out of my shoulder.  I screamed like nobody's business

So this is it.  I'm joining the Thirdlanders with the rejection of ANYTHING remotely LIKE education when wasps are in the room.  We will kill all wasps and we will take our time doing it.  We will spend all day talking about killing wasps and then actually killing them if that's what needs to happen to get to the bottom of this situation.  I'm mad as all get out.  Wasps, you brought this on yourselves.


Anonymous said...

They sent some of their wasp friends to my room as well. I got three this morning! The kinders really put on a production when there's one in our room. So sorry!

Sarah M.

LH said...

And did you see that I got stung very severely?

Mrs. Guinn (a.k.a. Mandie) said...

Ugh! Hate those darn wasps! When I student taught at Marlin, a chipmunk got into the building a f caused quite a bit of excitement. Lucky for us, chipmunks don't sting.

jdoc said...

I remember the springtime, classroom wasp situation! 7th graders cannot ignore them either. Can you figure out where they are getting in?

kc said...

The sting is horrible. I can't even believe that. What an asshole wasp.

mm said...

I think I would freak and take my class into the hall. I'm with the Thirdlanders. It has to be hard to care about education with a killing flying insect on the lose.