Monday, April 27, 2015

The Authenticity

My writing project is back on the table these days, involving lots of emails, nonsensical anxiety, talks with the editor, and a weekend full of rewriting.  Because I focused on the writing project, I did not get a few important teacher tasks done over the weekend. I think it was a fair trade because I've been working a lot on school this past month.  A. LOT. The Thirdlanders will be understanding.  They always are.

Case in point.  I told them last week that I was starting to worry that I wasn't going to make my ukulele goal of playing You Are My Sunshine to them by the end of the school year.  "Don't worry, Dr. H.," said a Thirdlander, kindly.  "If you don't learn it by the end of May, we can all meet at a park this summer and you can play it for us."  In some ways, you might say they're overly understanding.  That one kind comment had the unexpected result of motivating me to hustle with the ukulele learning.  There you go.


unabashed liberal said...

When you play it for the Thirdlanders, please record it and post it here for all of us to enjoy. Thanks

mm said...

I think we, teachers, all spend too much time with school stuff on the weekend, so I don't think we should feel guilty when we don't.

Always love these Thirdlanders.