Monday, April 20, 2015

The Islands

I'm going to teach about Christo's Surrounded Islands today.  I got a gazillion awesome things from working at Downtown School, but one of the most awesomest was the focus on the Artful Learning curriculum model.  I've had a hard time organizing an Artful Learning unit this year because the work is time consuming and it takes me a long time to get good ideas.  But I really enjoy planning curriculum and Artful Learning ties in well with International Baccalaureate,  so yesterday I took the whole day to look at books, look at art and start fooling around with possible inquiry centers.  I'm not there yet, but I have a start.  I'm just going to be audacious and jump in with what I have.  Kind of a pilot unit that I can tweak for next year.

Lots of things weren't done yesterday because I was learning about Christo, fair trade, goods versus services, Bloomington employers, and clean water for the planet.  Let's face it though.  Those are all good things to learn about.


Anonymous said...

Lucky Third Graders!!!

Sarah M.

KC said...

This sounds super fun. I'm mostly a fan of diving in when you don't know exactly what you're doing. My only condition is that you shouldn't invite lots of other people to check it out and give you hateful feedback.

LH said...

Thanks, SM!

KC... Hateful feedback sucks. A. LOT. I feel ya friend.

mm said...

I love that Thirdlanders get to learn about fair trade.