Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Sleep

We discussed an article about getting enough sleep in the recent Time For Kids.  Come to find out, a new study shows that having electronics in your room may result in getting less sleep than you should.  Some people leave the telly on or keep their tablets tuned to something interesting and that's impacting sleep. Both adults and kids are doing this.  But here's the thing. The Thirdlanders insist that books and homework should also be listed as causes of lack of sleep.  I felt sad when they kept bringing up homework as a problem with getting to bed on time.  I always believe I don't give that much homework, but I probably do. From all reports,  I'm keeping small children up at night and that has to stop.  I'm sorry Thirdlanders. I have this week's homework packet ready to go.  Let's call this packet the final packet of the school year????


mm said...

I am NOT a homework fan for many reasons. Basically, if I wanted parents to do the work, I'd invite them into my classroom, but there are other reasons too. Go Thirdlanders... revolt against homework.

KC said...

You guys! I am with you on this! I want to basically eliminate homework. As it is, I have reading as homework and an occasional vocab packet. Are you really doing away with it, LH??

LH said...

Yeah. May is GET CAUGHT READING month so that's what they'll be doing for the last month of school. No logs or notes. Just reading or not reading. Up to them.