Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share

So Christo's plan to install sheeting over 6 miles of the Arkansas River in Colorado is meeting up with some resistance. But I like the idea and I wish I could go to Colorado to see it when it's ready.

Have you ever heard of String Bean?  I found out about him tonight.  He was a banjo player and he was on Hee Haw.  He played the song Lil Liza Jane in this video and that's a song I'm learning to play on the ukulele.  String Bean liked to wear his pants in a creative way.  Sadly, he was murdered by his cousins.

Thursday Creativity Share.  Christo's Over the River will be installed once legal issues are settled and it's going to be beautiful.  And then there's String Bean.  A comedian and country music singer with a pant wearing style that was ahead of his time.   Good stuff all around.


kc said...

That art installation is pretty crazy. I'd love to see that, too.

mm said...

I love that you're learning to play the ukelele.

Anonymous said...

Road trip.