Monday, April 06, 2015

The Behavior

News update.  Center for Disease Control says that behavioral therapies should be used more often than they are for people who have ADHD.  Come to find out, we jump on the medication bandwagon and behavioral therapies aren't even tried.  So I started reading about behavioral therapies because people I know don't seem that interested in either medication or behavioral therapies.

So basically it's all about task management --- breaking stuff down into steps, adding on some time limits.  The article pointed out that behavioral therapies for ADHD take years to impact behavior, so that kind of relieves any pressure I might feel to improve quickly or to help others improve quickly.  We're all going to take our time about this situation.  There are 2 projects I'm avoiding right now so I'm going to put some behavioral therapies in place.  That could be a goal for all of us this week.  Break stuff down into steps.  Set the timer every once in awhile.  We won't see results, but we're doing the right thing.


KC said...

Thanks for having the links open in a separate window. I loved that. Here's a quote from a link that made my whole day: "All wild cats, neutered or not, male or female, will spray bucket loads of urine all over everything they wish to claim as theirs (including you) because this is how nature has taught them to guard territory"

That urine commentary. priceless.

mm said...

There are times when I could use a timer.

KC said...

p.s. this LFL is really great.

jdoc said...

I think cutting back on the medications could be a good thing. I support this research.

I also support using the timer. I think I'm going to use it right now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with KC.