Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Pups

Yesterday we read about a problem in California.  Sea lion pups are coming ashore, starving and weakened.  People aren't sure why, but they're trying to help the pups.  It may have to do with warming ocean temperatures, that are causing the moms to go further out to sea to find food. It might be connected to El Nino. There have been sea lion epidemics in the past, but this one is far worse.

One thing I've noticed as we've been working more with Kids News articles is this: Kids don't have a sense that the government is in place to promote and maintain the public good.  I've done a pretty cruddy job with our state standards regarding government.  The National Ocean Policy Plan might be a good thing to talk about today.  There are some great ideas in the plan, but I'm wondering if the plan is really being put into place.


unabashed liberal said...

Unfortunately, our government is filled with Republicans who do not believe in government and many Democrats who refuse to stand up and make the argument in favor of what government can and should be doing. Maybe we need to rely on you and other wonderful teachers to teach our children the many wonderful things a good government can and should do. One of which is to provide a great education. Thanks for all that you do.

mm said...

I love the topics discussed in your class.

LH said...

Thanks, Unabashed and MM too.

Creativity Thursday is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

All good points.