Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It's #TwinTuesday.  Pen and Coaster. Nice, right?  Somehow we just keep getting the job done.  Because we care.

Big news.  Went for a hike with Nancer yesterday and got some photos of MORELS. IN THE WILD.  That's been one of the goals of my life.  So let's check that one off.  THANKS, Nancer!  And by the way, Nancer is guardian to a dog named Chloe.  This dog knows how to live, my friends.  Dashing this way and that.  Always on the lookout for mischief.  Super content with herself.


mm said...

Yay for photographing morel mushrooms (morel mushrooms = mm).

KC said...

Congratulations on both the morels and this fab photo.