Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wishes, Lies and Dreams #6

I was poking around on the Animal Shelter web page yesterday and come to find out, they had a corgi puppy there for adoption.  We drove down there and now we are responsible pet owners.  The shelter called our corgi Tanner, but that's obviously not going to work.  We're calling him Earl.  He's a great dog.  Usually corgis bark a lot, but Earl doesn't.  He's content to sit with us and play with his toys.  We went for a walk this morning and Earl seems to love the neighborhood.  We have a crate for Earl and he loves going in there.  We're going to keep Earl in his crate today with some toys and treats.  We'll be back to see him at the end of the day.  Corgis like to spend time by themselves so this is a win win situation.  Welcome Earl!  We wish you a fine day and we'll see you later.


KC said...

I wish this were true.

Anonymous said...

You started to fool me at first, and had to think twice. You dreamer , you!

Anonymous said...

I got so excited and then I remembered not everything is true. Drats!

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