Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wishes, Lies and Dreams #19

I am dreaming up a pretty good invention for driving and eating at the same time.  It's called The WristWich.  It's a special wristband with a clasp that holds a sandwich.  Your sandwich fits right into the WristWich and that way you can still use both hands while you're driving and take bites of your sandwich whenever the mood strikes you.

To be honest, I was inspired by #1 Son's idea to make some type of ring pop with hunks of chicken instead of candy.  I think my invention is a little more practical because with the WristWich you have a whole sandwich sitting there.  Not just a bite of chicken.


mm said...

For now I'm going to pass on both inventions, but I wish you luck.

LH said...

The Wristwich will probably save a lot of lives.

KC said...

It's an interesting concept. Go with it!