Monday, December 29, 2014

Wishes, Lies and Dreams #20

So this is it.  The end of the Wishes, Lies and Dreams challenge.  It's been way fun.

Come to find out, today also marks the end of this blog.  I think I've said all I have to say.  Thanks for reading along and giving me a little leeway with this creative project.  I'm taking up woodworking in 2015 and I plan to give woodworking all the gusto I have.


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the heck out of it!
Thank you! Jw

KC said...

This gave me a little bit of a heart attack, but then I got it.

mm said...

When you have my wooden spoon made, I'll send you my postal address, or maybe I'll come visit to pick it up.

Jean Heidt said...

I too have enjoyed this blog!

LH said...

Wooden Spoons, coming right up! Come on down and pick yours up, MM!!!

JEAN, SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU HERE! I'm just lying about ending my blog. I can't stop.

Happy New Year's Eve, FRIENDS!

Mary Childs said...

I'll miss you in my Feedly. You inspire me! Congrats on your decision.

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