Monday, December 08, 2014

Wishes, Lies and Dreams #5

The procedure beginning with C went well.  I've been napping cheerfully all afternoon. It's really not that big a deal, so I wish everyone would just calm down about it.

Now is the time for treating myself with extra care and devotion and thus I am avoiding all obligations and watching Pride and Prejudice.  I quite enjoy retiring at my leisure in order to view that greatest of films, Pride and Prejudice. Indeed, I wish I could partake of this very pleasure every day for the rest of my life.  This truly is my greatest dream.


Anonymous said...

I love that film. Love it! I just decorated my tree with lights and ornaments. Fa la la la la.
I'm hesitant to click on your links since the lesion one. Maybe tomorrow I will.

mm said...

I find the napping video cute and disturbing. Is there something wrong with me? I'm glad you are treating yourself with extra care.