Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Editor

At the end of Port Chicago 50, in the acknowledgements, Author Steve Sheinkin thanks his editor Deirdre Langeland for her "insightful and demanding" edits.  I love reading about an author's gratitude to an editor for her contributions to a published text.

I'm getting back into my author/editor writing project today.  Teaching the Thirdlanders has been a dream come true in every respect except for one.  They've gotten into my brain and heart so completely that I've not pursued my writing project.  I am taking it up again today.  Not because I have any big aspirations for it, but because I enjoy it.  I'm a writer and this is Writer's Wednesday.  So here we go.


KC said...

You got this! And, I love the photo. I totally get what you're saying about those kiddos. They are all-encompassing.

LH said...

Thanks, Kacer. I too love this photo.

mm said...

I'm glad you're working on your writing project, but I'm also happy that you're back in the classroom with stories to share.