Thursday, December 04, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share: The Catfish Palace

We read a terrific picture book called The Catfish Palace.  It's about a young girl who gets upset about how a pet store treats a catfish.  The catfish has a teeny habitat because guess what peeps?  Sometimes animals grow.  The book explores animal abuse and neglect and mentions the SPCA.

We read about the history of the SPCA which is kind of interesting.  In the 1820's in England, the SPCA was formed because people were appalled at the treatment of carriage horses.  There were no cars and the carriage horses were treated cruelly as you can well imagine.

We started imagining and drawing designs for creative aquarium habitats that would help a pet fish feel happy instead of squished and lonely.  Our drawings have evolved and now we're collecting shoe boxes to make 3D models.  We also had the creative idea to connect our aquarium boxes with toilet paper rolls.  Now kids are talking about attaching yarn to our construction paper fish so that we can pull them through the tubes so they can travel to the various cardboard tanks.  It's probably getting to be a bit too creative at this point, but what can you do?  These Thirdlanders are makers and they create with gusto.

Thursday Creativity Share is once again a wrap.  Come to find out, #20 Something's joining in with the December blogging challenge. Way to go, 20 Something! Today we focus on a photograph of part of Nick Cave's SoundSuit.  We learn about a sadly out of print yet still powerful picture book.  We anticipate a crazy maker activity that's probably going to put me over the edge, but will be enjoyed by the Thirdlanders, and that's super important because they're awesome.  Tra la la!


mm said...

I love this! The books sounds wonderful. Most SPCA ads make me super sad.

KC said...

I'm getting kind of nervous about the fish habitats. But I love those kids. Good work over there.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the fish habitats. Sophie's brother just go a new beta fish and named him Sam.