Friday, December 26, 2014

Wishes, Lies and Dreams #17

Dad and 20 Something
Husbandman, 20 Something and #1 ventured out to see Into the Woods today.  I love the cast of that movie, but I wish it weren't a musical.  I always feel so uncomfortable when the singing begins in musical film or theater.  I just want it to stop.  It feels so awkward.

I'm hanging with my mom and dad this afternoon.  My mom made me tea and a great grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.   Sometimes I get nervous about getting old, but when I hang out with my parents, I relax about it. They still know how to have a good time.

My mom has some serious hearing loss, but she's usually fairly amused about it.  Yesterday I commented to her about a fave kin who is into meditation now.

"What for?"  asked my mom, sounding kind of upset.
"I guess because she likes it," I responded.
"That's not good!" She replied emphatically.
"What's wrong with meditation?" I asked back.
"Oh!" my mom laughed.  "I thought you said medication."  Then we laughed for a long time.  My mom says that hearing loss can be hilarious.  Last week, my brother remarked, "Lots of millionaires in this country now."  My mom heard, "Lots of mayonnaise in this country now." She asked why mayonnaise was getting so popular all of a sudden.  I'm kind of looking forward to losing my hearing.  That's going to be good blogging material.

I wish my parents lived a little closer to me.  We've had a lovely holiday together.  Thanks, M and D.


nancy reynolds said...

Laughing hysterically here right now.

nancy reynolds said...

Just read this to KR who tends to have some hl as well. I love your parents and these stories!!!

mm said...

I love the picture! Enjoy your time with family.

KC said...

I have a little hearing problem as well. At school, I just tell the kids, "Speak up because you know I can't hear." Dan is super irritated by my hl, and he would like me to visit an audiologist. The other night we were watching a movie, and I thought Dan said, "That's a nice present." I nodded my head like that made total sense because he gets annoyed that I can't hear him. So, I pretend. Then, like two seconds later, I said, "Hey - it's Hoynes!" meaning the actor who plays the Vice President in the West Wing. "I just said that," Dan said. Nice present=vice president. You see the problem.

Anonymous said...

I wish your parents lived closer, too. I love having mine right down the street.