Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wishes, Lies and Dreams #12

Good news.  I don't have chilblains.

Bad news.  I do have a cruddy cold that has kept me kind of down and out today.  I actually might have the first adult case of bronchiopulmonary dysplasia.

Good news.  Husbandman is home and he's probably going to make hot toddies tonight. He said he might.

Bad news.  There really is no other bad news. Being on the couch has been a dream come true.  We've had a rip roaring fire.  We watched an okay movie called Stuck In Love.  We're going to read books.

Wish:  I wish I could have the hot toddy now. 

Lie:  Toddies are medicinal.

Dream:  I am dreaming of the toddies.  I can't wait until Husbandman is done watching Colbert Report highlights and will start making the toddies.  I think it will happen soon.


KC said...

I think I might also make myself a toddy. Why not?!

jdoc said...

I just finished grading papers for CDA. A toddy is in order!

LH said...

In short, it's toddy time!

Mary Moeller said...

I'm sure to quite sure that hot toddies are medicinal.

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