Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share: Carol of the Bells and Cranberry Cookies

You know what's great about having a son who's a phenomenal jazz musician?  Among other excellent attributes, this son tells me about great jazz music and then I go ahead and buy it.  This week I bought this CD called Carol of the Bells. I even bought an extra to give as a gift in the future. Carol of the Bells is a collection of holiday songs arranged and performed by some of our very own fab IU Jacobs School faculty with a jazzy big band sound.  We love it.  Get this CD and start getting merry like Christmas.

While we played Carol of the Bells last night, we created some oatmeal cranberry cookies which were delicious.  I can't tell you the recipe because it's been in my family for generations.  Let's just say they turned out delicious and now I'm ready for the cookie swap at school today.  Cookie swaps are creative endeavors where community baking artisans share their culinary creations.
      At the end of the baking workshop, I asked Husbandman, "When was the last time I made cookies?"
     "You've never made cookies," he replied, but I don't think he can be right about that.  I have a vague memory of making cookies once or twice.  I need to step up my game.  Come to find out,  I'm an amazing baker of artisanal cookies.

Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  Jazzy holiday tunes. Baked goods created out of raw materials and shared with other culinary artists. Knock it and lock it.  Put it in your pocket.  


Anonymous said...

Your cookies were delicious!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You made cookies???? Wow!!!

LH said...

I went by last night and checked out the CAFE and picked up my stash.
What a cool event. Next year I'll be there or I'll definitely be square.

LH said...

JW, Not too many people ate the ones I baked, so there are still plenty left. I'll bring you some.

Ms. W. said...

The cookies look sublime!!

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