Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share

If I could just figure out a way to get to this Magritte exhibit in Chicago, my life would be complete.

Husbandman says, "I'd go with you but it feels so surreal."  Very funny, Husbandman.  Anyway, I know it's impossible, but there has to be a way.

I felt like being creative on Monday so I clicked on this link over on Streibie's blog and just threw caution to the wind and had the kiddos create these pen and watercolor flower paintings.  I just put the web site up and ran through the teacher directions with them and then they just went and created the paintings.

Then we wrote I Used to, But Now poems, inspired by the great Kenneth Koch who wrote one of my fave books, Wishes, Lies and Dreams.

After hearing a couple of poems, Thirdlanders got the drift and took off.  Some of our fave lines....

I used to be a cub, but now I'm a bear.
I used to be a wall, but now people see me.
I used to jump, but now I swim.
I used to be a literacy coach, but now I'm a teacher.

So Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  An exhibit I probably won't go to. A painting project.  Some poems to write. I used to be blogging, but now I'm going to a faculty meeting.  Que Bueno!


mm said...

I LOVE the line I used to be a wall, but now people see me. AMAZING! Tell that student to move to my school for 7th grade.

Anonymous said...


KC said...

Loving the school stories. Getting groovin in Thirdlandia.

StreibProjects said...

Can you send me a pic of a flower painting?

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