Friday, August 22, 2014

The Tinies

We started our Thursday by singing the age old classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."  A Thirdlander brought in a CD and said he thought we should sing it.  So I quick as a wink printed off some lyrics and sing it we did.  That merged into some kiddos asking to sing "Happy," and a spontaneous dance party of sorts erupted.  While some kids showed themselves to be quite wild dancers, others just sat in their chairs. I taught them about tiny dancing which I learned about from my pal Mac. Just a slight moving of finger or toe gets the job done.  I'm actually doing a tiny dance right now, but you can't see me.


KC said...

Mac might be psyched about this! You can never tell with that kid. I'll let you know.

KC said...

turns out he was very excited about this and raised his arms in triumph!

mm said...

I like tiny dancing!

Anonymous said...

That is a great line. Well done, Mac.