Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Z Pack

Finally took control of the situation and got some antibiotics last night.  The pharmacy was packed with angry people who had been waiting a long time.  The pharmacist kept saying, "I'm really sorry.  It's just me here.  There are 30 people ahead of you."  I kept my cool and walked around exploring the pharmacy.  I was remarkably stoic considering how horrible I was feeling and how sad I was about the chapter revisions and how frustrated I was about what a sucky three day weekend I'm having.

Julia Cameron's book had some good advice yesterday about remembering that we're not really all that special, that a lot of people have work to do and a lot of people get sinus infections right before their deadlines, and a lot of people procrastinate and resist. There are others in the same boat, in other words.  Cameron says that remembering our shared humanity is the solution to our doldrums.  I guess she's right.  Still, I had to cry a little this morning about how I can't get the web page I'm building to work and my chapter seems to be going nowhere and my throat still hurts. It's hard to remember that there isn't a conspiracy abrewin' aimed at taking me down.  Then I remembered that blogging usually pulls me out of the slump.  So here I am. Ready to kick it into gear. It's going to be a do my best forget the rest kind of day. Shape up, Leeway.


mm said...

I, too, had to wait at the pharmacy today. I do think people "procrastinate and resist" hence my trip to urgent care today.

KC said...

It seems you've hit a rough patch, but I know you'll come out of it!!!

LH said...

Feeling better this evening.

This post is a bit whiney, but at least I threw in some fascinating pharmacy photos.

LH said...

Sent off the chapter revisions last night.

And now on to the intro.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Congrats to sending off chapter revisions. But I'm a little grossed out by the pic of the fungal toe. Eeeewwww!

Anonymous said...

Very grossed out and trying not to scroll too far.

LH said...

It makes me laugh that they put that picture on the box.

Seems a bit over the top doesn't it?

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