Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Independent Movie Review

 I read a piece in the NYT today about how writing makes you feel like a failure all the time.  I can't argue with that sage wisdom.  Got kind of cantankerous last night after a day of working with less than stellar results, but then Husbandman and I watched a movie called Drinking Buddies on Netflix and it cheered me up considerably.
Lw:  What did you think of Drinking Buddies?
Husbandman:  I thought it was a very watchable movie.
Lw:  Which character did you like the best?
Hm:  I liked the boyfriend of Anna Kendrick.
Lw:  What about the woman who worked in the brewery?  Was she bad or good?
Hm: What do you mean? Good actress or good person?
Lw:  Good person.
Hm:  She was alright.  She was fine.  It was not an issue for me, whether she was good or not.
Lw:  Fist of 5?
Hm:  I'm going to give it a very solid 3.
Lw:  I'll give it a 3.5.
Hm:  In that case, I want a 3.2.
Okay, that's a wrap.  If you have some time to kill, and some papers to grade, and some standards to map out, this could be a good movie to watch.  If you want to see it, you should.


KC said...

Thanks for the rec. I have all of those things to do, so I'll be watching it.

mm said...

I'm putting all of those things on hold for a couple of days.

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