Monday, August 25, 2014

The House

Tomorrow's Open House.  We've been working on things, but they won't be done by tomorrow night and I don't feel like pushing these projects to completion for the sake of sharing them at Open House.  But in a way I do feel like I wish I had completed the projects because Open House is all about parents walking around seeing their kid's stuff.  So you see my conundrum.

I've got to live and let live.  I have the first cold of the school year and I'll probably spread it to a few dozen people tomorrow night at Open House.  Sorry, Peeps.  Not only are you not going to see much of your kid's work tomorrow night, you're also going to be infected with a hideous infectious disease, aka the common cold.  If I were you, I'd stay home, order some take out and watch Catfish, my latest tv obsession. I have your best interests at heart when I say this.


mm said...

I think parents can look at the work in progress. Fee better.

unabashed liberal said...

A cold is a very small price to pay to have you as the teacher of their children.

LH said...

MM, That's a good idea. It will be a work in progress Open House.

UL, Such a nice thing to say. Thanks, Sir!

KC said...

I like the WIP Open House idea. That's real life, after all.

Anonymous said...

totally agree!