Tuesday, January 12, 2016


#TwinTuesday brings us a pleasantly unexpected pairing of cinnamon sticks and a decorative star.  If you want to see the twin to this photo, head over to KC's blog and see what she's drummed up.  A good teaching pal at work this week asked me why the artifacts in the photos are considered to be twins.  She didn't know that the twin part happens when you click on the links that lead you to WordSAVVY.  I love that people out in the world are checking out #TwinTuesday and mulling it all over.  As artists, we really couldn't ask for anything better than that.

I know I'm behind on the yearly Sankalpa challenge.  It's taken me a couple of weeks to figure out my sankalpa.  It is this:  I live a wide awake life.

Good one, right?

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mm said...

I needed this amazing representation today!

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