Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Creativity Share: Tribute to David Bowie

The International Space Station paid tribute to David Bowie with this beautiful video that made me cry.

I am always a little suspicious of the International Space Station.  What are they actually getting done up there?  Mostly it looks like they're having a blast floating around and showing off.  If you want to be a tourist on the space station, you have to pay 20 million dollars.  I'm so tempted because it looks fun and I'd love to take some photos of the stars and planets, but scraping together that much cash would be tricky right now. So, here's the thing.  I'm not crazy about the pretentious posers on the ISS, but I do enjoy their creativity. With all the time they have up there, I'm not sure why they're not releasing more art, but I suppose they have to run on their space treadmills and eat their squeezable space snacks.

Thursday Creativity Share.  Tribute to David Bowie.  Some day I'll tell you all how I got to meet him backstage at Carnegie Hall.  Right now though, it's off to the Thirdlanders.  Keep your eyes peeled for some opportunities to be creative today. I beg of you.


mm said...

I love the "keep your eyes peeled" image. My dad always used to tell me to keep my eyes peeled, and it always confused me... eyes peeled? How do I peel my eyes?

KC said...

I enjoyed my trip to the ISS. It turned out to be totally worth the cash. Highly recommend.

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