Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Sankalpa 3

It's grey and cold here in Btown today so we took ourselves off to a little field trip to the History Center. I'm planning a lesson on Btown in 1900 so I took some photos of the limestone quarry model, the Shower Brothers Furniture Factory cabinets, the Railroad routes across our Hoosier state and of course the Gentry Brothers Circus display.  Come to find out the Gentry Brothers Circus featured dogs doing sundry tricks as well as other poor creatures. The winter headquarters for this circus was right here in our town.

Then we had soup at a soup shop.  Now we're at a coffee shop and I'm reading about history, gathering information so to speak. I read about another circus that performed right in Dunn Meadow in 1907.   The reporter of the Bloomington Evening World reported that though there was rain, the circus show was a great time for young and old.  The article ended with a fine reminder about living the wide awake life, which ties in with my new Sankalpa for 2016:

After the procession had passed the greater part of the people went to the 
grounds or to some eating place. The crowd was orderly and up to noon the 
police had not had any trouble. The management reports that there were few 
if any of the usual crooks following the show, but this should not 
encourage carelessness about taking a large wad of bills about in one's 
clothes or leaving the back door unlocked.


Anonymous said...

I think I remember the Circus in Dunn Meadow in the early 1900's and it was raining so hard!

jdoc said...

I'm loving the Wide Awake Life purpose. I've been trying to figure out if Sankalpa could help guide my way of being but I'm not sure yet. I sure do want it to, though.