Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Sankalpa 7

Come to find out, I'm not doing that great at living a wide awake life this week.  Lots of action is swirling around inside and outside of my head and frankly, I've been slipping up with flubs hither thither and yon.

Yesterday, some scientists showed up at my door while I was working with the Thirdlanders on identifying themes in fiction books.  When I saw their scientific faces, I felt an instant sinking of the spirit.  I was supposed to do about 5 things for these scientists so that they could start teaching some cool science to the Thirdlanders.  I basically neglected to do all the things and also neglected to tell them not to show up.  We worked it out, but after they left, I said to the Thirdlanders, "Wow.  That was so embarrassing.  I feel horrible that they came all the way to our school and I wasn't ready for them.  I really wasted their time."

Of course the Thirdlanders piped right up with encouragement, "It's okay, Dr. H."  and "Everyone makes mistakes."  and "You're not perfect.  Nobody is."   My embarrassment has waned because I really am under the gun with a million things right now, but I need to up my game in the attentiveness department.  Thus my sankalpa proves to be an appropriate life goal once again.

And here's another little Thirdlander story just for the basic fun of it.  We were talking about the International Space Station and writing about whether or not we would like to live there.  I would not because it costs 20 million dollars and also I have a fear of enclosed spaces  After I shared my fascinating opinion, a cheerful Thirdlander added, "I wouldn't want to go on the Space Station because I have a fear of death."

As usual, the Thirdlanders cut right to the meat of the matter.  I'm going back in today.  Eyes wide open.  To Do List in hand. I live a wide awake life.


KC said...

i am reading the martian. You should read it to the thirdlanders, but omit the f-words.

mm said...

I think your ability "to roll with the flow" is part of the Sankalpa.

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