Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Sankalpa Day 2

I live a wide awake life.

So I'm wondering how on earth I got my computer filled up with stuff for the third time in the past two years.  It's the photos.  KR always helps me straighten things out and for the most part I follow his advice.  But it's so hard to part with my photos.  So I'm venturing into the cloud soon.  I fear the cloud, but I'm going in alert, with both eyes wide open.  KR is going to walk/talk me through the whole procedure.  I'm blogging on Husbandman's computer because mine has 0 amounts of space because I just keep putting more and more things on it and this has caused all sorts of problems. I wonder how much the cloud costs.


mm said...

I feel you'll be fine in the Cloud. After all, I live a lot of my life up in the clouds.

Mrs. Guinn (a.k.a. Mandie) said...

We are loving Google photos for storage. It organizes them, there is unlimited storage, lots of cool features too. Really love it. Check it out as an alternative to the cloud.

LH said...

I'll check it out, MG.


kc said...

My guess is that it's going to be okay? How is it?