Friday, January 01, 2016

The Newness

For the last four years, I've started the year with a sankalpa kind of goal.  EX:  I'm healthy.  I'm creative.  I'm writing.  I integrate these statements into my morning chats with the universe while I'm blow drying my hair.  I'm struggling to come up with a good one for 2016.  I have a big bag of mixed up ideas about things I want to do and be. Do not by any means consider these lists complete.  My mind's just a rumbling tumble weed of ideas right now.

Specific action goals:  Read more.  Do some yoga.  Get my ankle healed up as good as new.  Have fun every day.  See more movies.  Publish more cool books with the Thirdlanders.  Take some trips.  Sit on the zafu. Make some changes in the house decor.  Learn a song on the ukulele.  Join some type of social justice group or project? Knock off my addiction to screens except for this blog which is going to get a lot of love and care in 2016 because it deserves it. Take photos of hawks and frogs in the wild.

Specific Attitudinal goals: Be good enough.  Stay in the present moment.  Approach each day with curiosity. Appreciate the ordinary.  Commit to taking the next right thought, the next right action.  Treat myself and others with loving kindness.

I really can't decide what to pick.  I'm going to mull for awhile.  For now, it's time to head on in to the school site and conquer the formidable report cards.  They really can drive me crazy, so I'll just try to make peace with the report cards and appreciate the mysterious nature of our assessment system.

Happy New Year Good Friends.  I'm feeling excited about all the newness.


mm said...

I'm glad you're not limiting screen time to this blog. All other goals seem positive and productive.

jdoc said...

These lists are sound. I'm in need of a goal myself. Gonna chew on it.

KC said...

Just remember that you are good enough and worthy just as you are!

StreibProjects said...

I want to do some yoga too!

cb said...

Happy New Year, a little leeway!

Wishing you and your splendid blog love and kindness in 2016.

Thank you for another good run during 2015.

Anonymous said...

I typed a long comment and then it went away. Stupid google. But I am inspired by this post. I really need to give more thought to my 2016 goals. So far my goals have been: 1. Survive this day 2. Sleep as much as possible. These are not inspirational or productive, really, and I think I can do better. Especially with the endless capacity for sleep I've had lately. It's out of control. I should also start blogging since I've had a nearly three year hiatus. Maybe I can tag on to your TwinTuesday challenge for inspiration? Julie

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