Monday, January 18, 2016

Sankalpa 4

Sometimes I feel the people on The Bachelor aren't living a wide awake life.  People are crying right and left about how they don't get to spend time with The Bachelor.  It's like they totally forget how the show works.  If I were on the show and the Bachelor never chose to talk to me, I'd just figure we probably weren't right for each other.  Then I'd spend most of my time out at the pool reading a book or playing mancala or texting Husbandman, eking out as much vacay as I could from the television experience.

I kept both eyes open on this three day weekend.  We saw Carol, ate out at some fine eateries, and kicked it with #1 Son a bunch of times.  We are always joyful when #1 Son shows up.  He's a fun, caring young man.

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mm said...

Obviously you have a good outlook about staying awake, and that is why you would not be chosen for The Bachelor. Plus, the Husbandman thing might be a problem.

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