Sunday, January 03, 2016

The CoWorkers

  We have to do a crazy report card now and it's uncanny how agitated I get whenever report card time rolls around.  Last night. after entering scores for 5 hours, I left for the movies. It took me HALF of STAR WARS to let go of my report card brain and start appreciating Harrison Ford's wry sense of humor.  My school system owes me 7 dollars for that, I do believe.

 When I start getting crazy about the report card I start to doubt myself. Am I just an old FOGEY teacher who doesn't want to get with the times?  Or a lazy teacher who doesn't want to work hard?  Or an independent teacher who just wants to do my own thing and doesn't believe in collaboration?  Or a disorganized teacher who just needs to apply some structure to her assessment protocols?

Well, truth be told, I could be more organized, but other than that the answer to these questions has to be n.o.  As for FOGEYTOWN, I'm fairly hip let's face it.  As for laziness, get real.  I roll up my sleeves every day and make every second count.  As for independence, I do like to pursue my fascinating creative ideas, but I also love being part of a team.  Case in point: Many great friends have popped in or texted or emailed to share their report card woes with me these past few days.  We're all in the same boat and we support; we do not thwart.

Obviously the problem is not with me.  I'm good.  Hence, I'm letting go of the doubts and moving on to greatness and glory.



KC said...

I love this. The worries and the refutations, all of which I agree with.

mm said...

You are good!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

In solidarity with you, I have done none of my report cards.

jdoc said...

You've got this. I'm sure of it.

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