Monday, January 11, 2016

The Loafing

Saturday was the best day ever.  Here's how it went down.  We were feeling a bit bluesy because of the continued use of the boot, so we decided to take a drive to Lake Monroe, hoping to see some bald eagles.  We drove down to Lake Monroe and found a top secret viewing location.  Come to find out, we saw a blue heron and then we saw a bald eagle, perched majestically.  I obviously can't describe the thrill I felt so I won't even try.

Next we decided to go see Revenant.  I was nervous to see it for various reasons I won't try to describe, but come to find out, Revenant is absolutely riveting.  I loved every minute except for 5 minutes near the end where I shut my eyes.  Other than that 5, I was riveted, as I've previously stated quite clearly.

After the best movie of the year, we drove over to C3 to eat a great dinner and listen to #1 play some fun jazz with a jaunty trio.  Nancy and Kev joined us. This day probably can never be topped.  Eagle.  Leonardo.  #1 Son playing jazz while I partake of a delicious cheese plate and chat with pals. January 9 will be forevermore christened the International Day of Lucky Looking and Listening.


Anonymous said...

Yay for those kind of days!!

mm said...

I'm scared to see Reverent because of images like the last one and because I don't like to sit through movies.

nancy reynolds said...

The whole day sounds riveting! Bravo!

kc said...

Congratulations on this wonderful day! I saw the preview for the Leonardo movie, and I was too scared.

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