Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I know everyone's sad that 20 Something left today. I myself have been crying profusely. So a postcard and a pickle might bring us all a little bit of cheer.  Probably couldn't hurt, at any rate.  Husbandman bought the gherkins when I really wanted the big pickles, but I understood his point that no one here would eat the big pickles.  I guess the little pickle gets the job done and I do feel grateful that Husbandman went out to buy the supply we needed for this nostalgic #TwinTuesday.  I just wish 20 Something could stay here.  And there's part of me that still wishes for the big pickles.  Just a bluesy big pickle kind of day.


mm said...

Yay for #twintuesday!

unabashed liberal said...

A friend of mine once said when her post college son returned home to live for awhile, "You cry when they leave, and you cry when they come back."

LH said...

Thanks, MM.

UL, I'm not at the "crying when they come back" point yet because they never come back for very long.
I suppose that could happen though. Thanks for checking in.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling with my nephew leaving for college. And it's a nephew...not a child! I can't imagine. But I know sadness abounds.

lee said...

It's ridiculous. I want everyone to stay close.